WCG Helps Increase Fannie Mae Video Viewership by Nearly 900%

West Cary Group Boosts Viewership of Fannie Mae Video Nearly 900% Using In-House Marketing Talent

If you thought the real estate market was hot before …

When long-time client Fannie Mae approached WCG about providing video production services for several of its marketing campaigns, we jumped at the opportunity to use the full breadth of our services – to excellent results. With increases in average views ranging from 110% to 888%, each of the five videos we delivered earned significantly more visual attention than other Fannie Mae videos published in a 12-month period.

From initial storyboard, to graphic design, to video delivery, WCG executed every component of these videos in house. To date, we’ve helped create more than 40 videos for Fannie Mae, and we’re looking forward to crafting even more compelling video campaigns on their behalf in the coming year.

“This was a chance for WCG to really flex our creative muscle. But even more fulfilling than the impact we made in viewership is the impact we’re making in the housing industry. Our marketing support means more people might be put into more homes, and that’s a very rewarding thing to be a part of.”

Chelsea Sterling, WCG Senior Account Manager

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WCG Launches RVA Loves as a Love Song to Richmond

West Cary Group Pens a Love Song for the People of RVA

Today, we’re excited to launch RVA Loves, a love song written by and for the people of Richmond, Virginia. The goal of this community project is to spread a genuine message of love, hope and inclusivity within the Richmond region while elevating local businesses and organizations and raising awareness of social issues.

This is the first initiative born out of West Cary Group’s Richmond Tapestry Project, a hopeful catalyst for change that aims to create awareness and a sense of pride in Richmond and our surrounding communities. Through our unique creativity, we know we can inspire a sense of pride in RVA and let the world know why it’s such an amazing place to be. And it starts today.

Want to know more about this initiative, including ways you can help spread the love? Follow RVA Loves on Instagram and join the Facebook community.

“The coolest part of the RVA Loves initiative is that it’s a duet. We’re inspiring local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and incredible people to join us so that we can amplify our collective voices. We want to sing about community pride, social justice and unity in RVA so loudly that the nation can hear us.”

Andre Johnson, West Cary Group Art Director

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