Internet culture and gaming are plagued by a deeply ingrained toxicity, often focused on “the other”, including women. Much of this results from the anonymity that allows people to hide behind their keyboards and say and do things they probably would never consider “IRL.” The best way to combat the toxicity of anonymity is to provide opportunities for RG employees to lift the veil and present themselves and see each other for who they really are–a diverse group of real people who are more than just avatars or gamer tags.

Throughout this campaign, we will exhort Rioters to Get Real and show the world what makes them who they really are. When each Rioter shares elements of what makes them unique and gets down to their core, it strengthens Riot Games’ CORE-the Culture of Respect and Empathy.

Rioters thereby get to see and experience their coworkers not merely as members of an ethnic group or citizens of a particular country; they are identified not just by whether they identify as male or female; they are not “badged” based on their sexual orientation. Rioters see and appreciate themselves and each other for similarities and differences outside of those at face value, enabling the CORE to grow and evolve to reach places previously considered beyond grasp.


Web App

Employees will be able to create a custom symbol based on a variety of questions they answer about themselves. The symbol generated will be a totally unique expression of their identity, allowing others to recognize similarities or differences on a visual level. This experience will prompt Rioters to connect with people they haven’t met before for a broader understanding and appreciation of diversity in the company.


Custom Laptop Sticker

Rioters will then translate their symbol to various physical objects–the first being a laptop sticker they can proudly display that will allow others to recognize their skills, interests, and commitments from across the room.


Live Podcasts

Podcast booths will be set up around the office for live recording of different employees sharing their unique story and interests. This initiative will be spearheaded by senior leadership who will kick off the experience for their teams.


In-Office AR

Rioters will be able to pin their seating location with an AR beacon that displays their unique symbol. As coworkers view the room through their devices, a sea of diversity will be revealed allowing rioters to experience their coworkers in a totally new way.


Manager’s Toolkit

Managers will be provided with alternative tools available through the landing page. They will be able to identify and share their own personal commitments with their direct reports, as well as access a digital toolkit that helps them collect feedback from their team and provides direction on how to better plan, communicate, measure progress, and adjust the campaign as needed. Elements such as email templates, survey documents, podcasts and video content from senior leadership will be available to be shared.