WANTED: Summer Marketing & Communications Interns

We’re looking for academically accomplished college seniors or recent grads who:

  • Speak and write exceptionally good well
  • Can be productive independently and as team players
  • Are positive, professional and self-motivated (i.e., have aced Adulting 101)
  • Are highly organized and acutely atentive to detail (notice anything there?)
  • Slay at time management, analysis and problem-solving
  • Know their way around MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint

The Account Manager
Organized and detail-focused, this intern communicates and leads group projects like a natural. They enjoy collaborating on strategy, honing their project management and presentation skills, and learning how to write creative briefs and review concepts.

The Art Director
A visual thinker with an eye for design, this intern participates in the creative process—from image selection and layout to research, conceptual development and workflow management.

The Product Manager
A tech lover and creative thinker, this intern helps design beautiful data-driven solutions to customer problems through #agilemarketing and building cutting-edge tech and design prototypes.


  • Hands-on experience with some of the industry’s best & brightest
  • A window (hopefully a door, too!) into Richmond’s vibrant ad scene
  • That green paper stuff that buys you things

Internship applications for Summer 2018 will be accepted starting December 1, 2017.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug-Free Work Place.

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